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Days in the Life of Devin Sherwood

Nestled at the foothills of the Shenandoah National Park, Devin Sherwood works his centuries-old trade as a dry-stone mason. Using local materials and following the contours of the land, he creates sturdy low walls that look like they belong and have been there forever. He needs to be at one with his surroundings, living and breathing the majestic countryside. It’s serious business.

Sherwood Raccoons on the Sofa

So, in his spare time, he visually documents his life and his surroundings with “humor and joy.” Sherwood’s drawings are vignettes that include himself and his girlfriend Anna, a wetlands scientist, but star the wonderful landscape, flora and animals with whom they share their lives. Sherwood’s flagstone patios and dry rock walls often appear in the scenes as well as the plants that Anna studies. Everyday objects and activities too can make a starring appearance. The drawings are charming caricatures but are authentic and real.

He visually documents his life and his surroundings with “humor and joy”

He grew up with a mother, an artist, who gave her children plenty of crayons, markers and drawing materials to express their creativity. He also studied kinetic imaging which includes video art, animation, sound design, emerging media and much more, giving him years of experience and technical skills..

Sherwood Bunnies

The result is Sherwood’s documentation of life in his corner of the world easily brings a smile to your face and happiness to your heart. G&S

IG: @devinsherwooddraws

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