Gallery&Studio Arts Journal is the new non-profit organization setup to continue the mission of its
forerunner, Gallery&Studio that Ed and Jeannie McCormack started in 1998. They promised to deliver
art writing that was intelligent and interesting, without being jargonfilled, pretentious, needlessly
obscure and dull. They were committed to following in the tradition of art critics who were poets and artists —people like Frank O’Hara, Elaine de Kooning and Fairfield Porter— who wrote about art with clarity, wit and enthusiasm. We promise to continue the tradition.

The Gallery&Studio magazine grew out of a love for art. As a teenager, Ed McCormack made a handy living doing portraits and caricatures at the Washington Square Outdoor Art Show. He later exhibited his paintings and drawings on 10th Street where his works were reviewed in the Village Voice and The Wall Street Journal. As the ’60s progressed, he became a feature writer and columnist for Rolling Stone Magazine touring with and writing about rock & roll groups and other celebrities.

Ed eventually returned to the visual arts. This time as an art writer. He became a contributing editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine in the ’70s. He wrote about Keith Haring for the Daily News, an essay about Willem de Kooning for a book. Other art books followed, and he wrote regularly for ArtSpeak magazine, published by Bruno and Margot Palmer-Paroner.

Finally, in 1998 Ed enticed Jeannie away from the glitz and stress of the advertising world to start
Gallery&Studio magazine together. The magazine and its team of writers strove to provide a balanced
view of the visual culture mainly in New York, covering established artists as well as artists who stood
a good chance of being well known in the future. They covered a wide variety of artist such as Robert
Goodnough, FN Souza, Alfred Koubin, John Currin, Jean Marc Calvet, Francis Bacon and Shigeru Mizuki to just name a few. They reviewed shows at museums, galleries, art fairs, artists’ studios and art on websites.

As the magazine flourished, artists appreciated the benefits of having a review. Even the Times of London acknowledged, in a feature article, that a favorable review in Gallery&Studio launched the U.S. career of the British painter Steven Harris. It was a responsibility that the McCormacks took very seriously and continue to do so as they spearhead the new organization.

Gallery&Studio Arts Journal will continue the mission of giving recognition to unknown and emerging artist with different settings, as well as covering established artists and venues. The broadest definition of the arts is also being embraced to include poetry and literature, theatre, dance and music, as well as the visual arts, not only in New York but around the world. The journal will include reviews, essays, competitions, interviews, and information pertinent to art aficionados.

In order to make this magazine thrive in print and online, we need the help of many individual donors
and organizations who wish to support the Arts in a broad sense from the grassroots to the very top.
Please consider donating to G&S Arts Journal Inc.

Come join us on this new adventure!