Winter 2021 Issue

Our issues are printed quarterly and with each one, we aim to celebrate the season in some way. This issue comes at the completion of a long and difficult year. In all that we have endured, it is the seasons that keep returning and giving us a degree of certainty in an otherwise uncertain and constantly changing world. In this issue we celebrate the beauty of a snow fall on our cover, a winter photo essay inside, and Mary Holahan presents us with images of past winters from last century magazine illustrations.

In the news, there is a lot of talk of deaccessioning—selling off works from collections owned by museums as the pandemic reduces income streams. Artists are not the only ones suffering. The American Alliance of Museums stated that nearly 30% of museums are wondering if they will survive 2021. To this end, fundraising becomes even more critical. Our fundraising event this time is our inaugural calendar competition which will be distributed to museums, galleries, collectors, and curators. Please consider supporting our efforts.

As in all issues, we aim to keep art alive, by offering a diverse collection of essays from our writers. G&S is always growing and we appreciate comments, suggestions, even criticisms and of course we love compliments!

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