Summer 2020 Issue

We are happy to be able to bring you our third issue of Gallery&Studio arts journal. Covid19 and the consequent shutdown resulted in the unfortunate cancellation of the Spring 2020 issue, but we are back on track with a Summer issue reflecting on all that has happened during these tumultuous months with special written and visual contributions.

We congratulate the winner of the visual arts competition Teruhisa Tahara with his work on paper titled “The Recession”. Runners up were Arline Mann, Marilyn Henrion and Carole Kunstadt.

It was good to hear from you the readers and we hope to continue to give you what you desire. G&S has always had a diverse lens on the artworld, in those we cover and in our writers. We continue to expand our breadth of expression. We are also supporters of the lesser known artist, so much so, that you will find it in our mission statement.

It continues to be a challenging time, not only due to the pandemic, but the associated economic downturn and the social change that is blossoming. We were also very saddened by the passing of one of our own. As artists, we record the times, articulate the message, and galvanize change through our chosen media. Gallery&Studio is here to witness and promote the resulting creativity, as we continue to be driven by the philosophy of equality, justice, peace, and great art.

Image of a doll with a charcoal black head of hair and face.  She is dressed in a creamy white dress with the word HOPE written across her chest and the words 
Empathy, Humility, Compassion, Sympathy and Courage written on strips hanging from her waist
“Words Matter”
by Linda Dujack

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