My father was 6 foot and well built.  He was strong.  So strong that watching him lift a car out of the ditch convinced my mother that he was the man for her.  He was a gentleman and I think a man’s man.  He never cried except when his mother passed away and when there was a moving, happy movie. 

He and I would have cried, laughed and hugged together watching the short, animated film Canvas (2020)

Canvas (2020) Animated Film

It has no spoken words, just sounds but the message is crystal clear.  It is about an older man who wakes up alone having recently lost his wife – the love of his life.  He is in a wheelchair and has lost the will to paint.  His granddaughter is dropped off by his daughter and she spends the day drawing pictures of the two of them.  The next time she is dropped off at her grandfather’s house she sneaks into his closed studio.  I won’t tell you the rest of the story because I’d like you to watch it.

It is a charming, touching and beautiful movie that squeezes your heart and then fills it with love and joy.  The animation is simple yet fulfilling.  The little girl is kind and generous in her love.  Her mother is gentle and confident, while the grandfather is vulnerable and strong. 

This touching film is directed and written by Frank E. Abney III a talented animator and producer of games, movies and TV shows including Hair Love.  He has packed a full-length feature story into this little Netflix film.  In just a short 9 minutes, I had the emotions wrung out of me and left feeling happy.  I felt my father by my side watching and gently letting the tears fall while he smiled.

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