Urban Art Icons

Karina Sala

at Galeria de Arte Sorgey

Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 24th – May 14th

“Museum at Faena Arts Center – Miami”
by Karina Sala


Plastic artist Karina Sala, an Argentine plastic artist, after completing her academic training in Art in our country, began to carry out individual and collective exhibitions, participate in competitions and various interventions, obtaining outstanding achievements for her work. Lately she stood out in exhibitions held in New York, USA where she lived for a few years. Her work represents versatility within the cosmopolitan cities of the world, manifesting the attitude of her characters as actors of the different urban tribes that inhabit them in continuous movement within the daily life of that universe. Extravagant, colorful and fun, in her Work it can be appreciated that, with a few loose and successful strokes, she manages to capture
the gesture and attitude of each character, in that ephemeral moment when they coexist while passing through different cities, recreating the atmosphere of the place where they act. At the same time, she portrays herself as a spectator or being part of the scene, achieving with all these ingredients a common thread throughout her production that identifies her by giving her own imprint to her Art, her authorship being recognized at first glance. A perfect balance between simple graphics, expressionism and color that make her works almost a comic strip showing how we live, how we dress and how we are depending on the occasion and the place.

Cecilia Consani Curator
SORGEY ART GALLERY, Mar del Plata – Argentina

Artist’s Statement

I work with charcoal and acrylic on canvas, finished with a fixative. I use brushstrokes very heavy with acrylic, and dense without water…pure. My personal style is based mostly on fashion themes, movies, music bands, art styles, and well-known places. I feature the human figure with backgrounds of big cities, landscapes and interiors and use all kinds of colors. First I draw and then I paint in my own version of Expressionism.

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