Calendar Competition

We are excited to share with our creative readers the opportunity to be part of a full color hanging calendar for 2022! We will feature one artist each month and one additional for the cover. The winners of this competition will be selected by the Board of Directors. Our aim is to use the calendar to promote the artists and their works via a network of selected galleries, museums, curators, collectors, and art communities. For more information and to submit work for the competition, please click here.

Planting Seeds in a Dark Time

I gathered seeds as a child. Ran
through the apple orchard’s geometry
to the freedom of the meadow. Pulled
milkweed seeds from green knobby pods,
fluffed their silky parachutes. Plucked
sunflower seeds from upturned faces.

I see my children and grandchildren now
from the distance of quarantine.
I want to touch their faces, stroke their hair.
They carry my seed now.

When this quarantine began I needed
something alive and growing, started
micro-greens from packets ordered
on the Internet. Radish, sunflower
and pea plants sprout in peat pots,
plastic bags, old planters.

Cut them, the directions said, at 1 1/2 inches,
place in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator.
We eat seedlings in salads, over parmesan chicken,
in grilled cheese sandwiches.
I decorate every plate with plantlets.

The greens have gone well beyond
the 1 1/2 inches recommended.
Peas plants twine into sunflowers,
reach for my book shelves.
All seek sun.
Embodied prayer wanting
to recreate themselves.
to live, to live, to live.


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