Sugar Snake Is Having As Much Fun As Possible

From old friends to new collaborators, Corrin Evans and Jonathan Timchalk have come together to form Sugar Snake” and will be releasing their first single this month.

blue tongue with a sugarsnake pendant

The pop-with-a-twist duo first met in elementary school while performing in ‘Rugare Marimba Ensemble,’ a marimba band put together by their music teacher in Tri Cities, WA. The two reconnected last summer when Corrin was looking for a producer to help her finish a long-forgotten song for her grandmother’s 75th birthday. Their mutual respect and instant musical connection led them to a partnership that resulted in a year’s work creating their upcoming album. No easy feat, as they live in separate states; Corrin in California and Jon in Washington.

Working primarily independently and sharing lyrics, music, revisions and ideas via email, iPhone recordings and over the phone, Sugar Snake came together only once in Los Angeles for a week to complete their album. A true labor of love and collaboration, the pair almost scrapped what will now be their first single “DYLT?” (An acronym for Do You Like That) before resurrecting it with a kicked up beat and pitched down vocals. Of the inspiration behind the lyrics, Corrin says “I was capturing that feeling of being absolutely terrified of falling for someone and not understanding them; but still wanting them desperately.”

Corrin and Jon are creatives by nature and it’s apparent when you listen to Sugar Snake. Utilizing the best of modern technology, they’ve created a sound that lies outside of traditional pop music but doesn’t fit squarely anywhere else either.
They were influenced by hiphop beats and the syncopation of swing and reggaeton. Even with their uncertainty of genre, one thing is for sure —they set out to have a good time. From the get go, Sugar Snake adopted a motto that is a through line in their music and the grounding force of their philosophy– AFAP: As Fun As Possible.

What’s next for Sugar Snake? “I see us continuing to explore what Sugar Snake can be, evolving and refining our sound and style.” Says Jonathan, who wrote, produced, and composed alongside Corrin and lent his vocals to several tracks. “I see us continuing to have as much fun as possible, putting positive energy into what we make and trying to share it with the world. I think we’ll continue to allow what’s in our hearts and the music to be our guide. Wherever they lead, we’ll follow.”

Look out for Sugar Snake’s first single “DYLT?”. It will be available to stream on all
streaming platforms this month. The duo plan to release more songs and eventually their album throughout the year.

For updates on new music and release dates you can follow Sugar Snake on Instagram @sugarsnakemusic

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