Comedy Gets Better With Age

Photo of Lynn Ruth Miller
Lynn Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller is the comedienne who is, in her own words, “Not dead yet.”
She began comedy at the tender age of 71 and jokes that she didn’t want to “peak too early.” Born in Toledo, Ohio, on October 11, 1933, she is still going strong at 86. This spitfire arrived on the planet at a time when women were not meant to have careers, much less have a voice of their own. The directive was to get married, which she did. She recalls that her ex-husband used to beat her and she never even considered the notion that she was a victim of abuse at the time.

Taking to the stage in her old age isn’t the first time she’s done something outside of societal expectations though. She got her first degree (of three) from Stanford University in Journalism at the age of 30. She published her first book, about her personal struggle with bulimia, at age 67, and has won numerous awards for short stories.

In 2003, she went undercover and posed as a student, enrolling at a comedy college in San Francisco. The objective was to expose them for charging for a talent she felt cannot be taught. Instead she exposed herself, revealing her gift of gag. She further exposed herself by combining comedy with cabaret. After a wardrobe malfunction involving a negligee and a microphone, she gave up the G-rated stripping and now does storytelling events, tutors writers, and performs onstage whenever the opportunity presents itself. I had the honor and privilege of meeting Lynn Ruth after a performance of her show “I Never Said I Was Nice” at Nickel Diner in Downtown Los Angeles, California. When I asked her for an interesting quote, she replied, “Interesting Quote.” The authenticity of her show is evident because her passion and wry humor never waver, even long after the lights have gone down and we have repaired to a lovely Italian restaurant where we chat over wine about social issues close to her heart. She is by no means winding down her career in comedy; she is just getting started and has so much more to say – and sing.

She currently resides in England, where in her free time she knits and takes her dogs for walks. She is an inspiration for many, but she will tell you, you don’t want to be like her, “I’m 4ft 10 and I’m constipated.” If you are interested in seeing Lynn Ruth Miller, she appears at venues all over the world, and can be booked for events.

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