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  • My work with Akiko Suzuki is informed by our relationship as friends, partners, observers and members of Global Art Project. We move through daily encounters that challenge our perception of reality, of existence, sometimes responding to dramatic personal, cultural or political realizations. There is great complexity in our interaction based on trust, intuition and openness transcending language, barriers of time and distance, even personal expectation.
    By putting no limitations on our working arrangements, there exists a mutual give and take in our collaborative projects, which, in turn, enrich our solo work and strengthen our personal and creative bond to each other.

    The surprise is a welcome element in these arrangements, regarded as little gifts, poignant offerings to each other and the creative process. These unexpected juxtapositions result in pieces that would not have existed had we not entered into this process.

    Of the various forms that collaboration can take, ours is usually one of fluid transition allowing investigation into areas suggested by the response of the other offering a synthesis of stylistic gestures in various media.

    I am rewarded as an artist and human being in this journey with Ms Suzuki.

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