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Destruction &  Debris

We humans march through time

With a sense of entitlement

What do I get?  What do I want?

Sometimes we think about the collateral damage

Of our selfishness, and

Sometimes not.

Our brains manufacture in us

A sense of omnipotence.

We say that “man is created in the image of God”

To make us feel better when we think

We equate to God.

What arrogance and stupidity

Pour out from us and rain down

In a suffocating deluge on the Earth.

In a state of constant denial,

We cast debris wherever we go.

Human hurricanes of destruction.

Merrily we go along, resisting insight.

Now, we face an “outside”threat,

The novel corona

Something that wields the sword

And, like us, acts indiscriminately.

We fight and cry out against our fate.

Of course we do.

In crisis (and often only when faced with crisis)

We are spurred to prioritize

And cultivate the mighty compassion

That also lives within us.

But, why were we waiting?

And at what cost?

Many think nothing of unleashing death and mayhem

On animals, trees, air, water.

The unstated explanation (but no excuse): 

Human greed.

We give no quarter to elephants

When we chase and cull them,

Shooting them from a helicopter flying overhead.

Why are we so surprised that the tables can be turned,

That nature sighs and heaves,

In an effort

To restore the balance.

We are the elephants running on the ground

The virus is the gun shooting us down.

Take a moment and consider empathy

Consider justice

Consider who we are

And the choices we make.


Three elephant walking in long grass in Kenya
Taken by the author in Kenya

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