Dear friends of Gallery&Studio,
As we all gather our strength and inner resources during this most difficult period, we offer our good wishes to you and our hopes that all this will end soon. In the meantime, we have opened a section on our website called Art in Quarantine. It is a pop-up virtual gallery for those who wish to share their creative response to this catastrophe with others. Please feel free to submit an image, poem or video.      Jeannie McCormack

To quote Pete Seeger, “We shall overcome”

Art in Quarantine


Nude bodies of a woman and man
“Him & Her”
graphite on paper
50″ x 38″

Mystery of choice…
                    the life not chosen
Every choice we make in life
        opens one door
               but closes another   
We simply cannot experience
       every possibility
      act on every inclination
      pursue every avenue
We can find joy in
      accepting limitations
      grieving roads not taken
                         the energy of unlived life

By Vivian O’Shaughnessy

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