Sappho Starts A Union

I told women at the bar
Sappho was uniting us
with banners, benefits
and lavender badges-
one member will recognize another.
Holidays will be negotiated
along with huge U-Haul discounts.
Personal leaves available for break-ups,
couples counseling not included.
We will get time and a half,
additional days in our lives,
for the time we had to hide in corners.
Closets will only hold supplies,
shoes and Victoria’s Secret underwear.
That too will no longer be a secret.
Out! Out! Victoria!
Lipstick, short skirts
and army boots will be welcome.
It will be an open shop –all inclusive.
No more back rooms.
We will work, serve anywhere with training
regardless of orientation.
Churches and synagogues
will open their doors.
There will be medical and dental
and some unions will be called marriage.

Joyce Jacobson
Joyce Jacobson

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