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Fremin Gallery is the latest art gallery to move to 23rd street in the heart of Chelsea, New York. With his name in neon lights, Emmanuel Fremin welcomes art lovers to see his collection of artists; predominantly photographers and sculptors.

Photo of the Fremin Gallery frontage at night.
Fremin Gallery

Nearly two decades ago, Fremin started by representing a single artist, Michel Giliberti. Fremin was modelling for the French artist, who at one time had seen success, particularly in Japan, as a surrealist but had seen his work plateau in his home country. Fremin who was about to leave for further education in Paris, suggested that while he was in the capital city, he could find a gallery for him to exhibit his work. Giliberti laughed, knowing how difficult it was to break into the Paris art scene.

Fremin went to Paris, found a gallery and introduced Giliberti’s work. A few days later, he called Giliberti to Paris and was able to present the artist with a contract for a two-month gallery exhibition. The exhibition was such a success that it was extended for an additional four months. Fremin was only 17 years old. Some would have called it beginner’s luck, but that drive to accomplish his goals has been Fremin’s modus operandi ever since.

A vacation travelling through the USA eventually brought him to New York, where he decided to put down roots. Modelling with a major agency, got him settled and brought him into contact with a professional fashion photographer named Drew Tal, who was looking to branch into Fine Art. A chance encounter with gallerist Bob Hogge, gave them their first gallery show in Chelsea and his own first gallery followed soon after.

Photo of Emmanuel and Mary in their gallery.
Emmanuel Fremin & Mary Nguyen

The culmination of 20 years of hard work, perseverance and a strong sense of direction and belief in his artistic vision has brought him to where he is today. He has brought together a diverse group of contemporary, international artists. Although their styles may be different, a powerful sense of elegance, beauty and sensitivity course through every artists’ work.

Fremin Gallery has grown steadily over the years, moving locations as it has developed its talent and collector base. They have also shown at numerous art fairs around world; Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Palm Beach, Istanbul, Hongkong, Santa Fe, and New York, just to name a few.

However, it has not always been plain sailing. There have been a few moments when Fremin has found his back against the wall. The vagaries of the economy, consumer confidence, untested new markets, the weather, have sometimes hit sales. Fremin drives through these moments regardless. His positive outlook and belief in the very select group of artists that he represents has paid dividends, time and time again. His magic is in exhibiting excellent, quality work to a discerning audience and working very, very hard. A simple example is that his gallery is open 6 days a week in a neighborhood that usually only opens 5 days a week. It is also open, even when he is manning a booth at an art fair, and on occasions managing two fairs at once. His blue-chip clientele is a testament to his success as is his reputation as a respected gallerist.

Today he supports the arts by collaborating with new arts organizations and mentoring students by providing internships. He and his wife Mary Nguyen, also a director of Fremin Gallery, give back by supporting several charities such as Tiny Tim Rescue Fund.

Photo of Emmanuel and Mary in front of one of their artist's work

Fremin Gallery, 520 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

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