Visual Arts

Tiny Pricks Project

Summer 2019 brought us continued political turmoil and a prime opportunity
for farce so inspirationally realized in the stitched textile public art outing entitled “Tiny Pricks Project” at Lingua Franca at 382 Bleecker Street, New York City. The exhibit is the hilarious and simultaneously serious brainchild of artist and curator Diana Weymar.

Embroidery - "I want Great Climate"

Ms. Weymar has mined the daily words from our bloviating President, stitching his Twittered phrases into hankies, linen napkins, placemats and other domestic prosaic cloths to create miniature artworks. They demonstrate our leader’s
unique abilities of expression, that when quoted and sewn into the pretty fabrics, provide the opportunity for juxtaposition of delicate textile grounds
with clumsy language, making for both lovely and derisive commentary.

Embroidery "Drain the Swamp"

The artist encourages like-minded create their own “Tiny Pricks” to be added to
the textiles that have already been produced for the project. Weymar’s goal is to collect 2,020 pieces by 2020, the artist hoping that our Leader will only have one term in office. You can find out more about the project and how to participate by going to Participate where you may
enter into this sly, sublime and most satisfying political conversation.

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