Shelly Reuben

Shelly Reuben’s first novel, Julian Solo, was nominated for Edgar Award and Prometheus Awards. Her crime novel, Origin & Cause, was nominated for a Falcon Award. The ideas for much of her writing come from cases she investigated as a licensed private detective specializing in fire and arson investigation.

A woman smiles at the viewer against a floral background.

In recent years, she has leaped (without a parachute) into fantasy with her novels My Mostly Happy Life, the Autobiography of a Climbing Tree and Parking Space: A Love Story, each an urban fable.

Reuben also writes columns for The Evening Sun and Huntington News, which just published a series of stories about Clementine Fraile and her adventures in retail at The Happy Store. Both newspapers are currently serializing her newest novel.    

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Her books are available in print and digital editions from booksellers everywhere.