Sébastien Aurillon

A Parisian who was nurtured by his love and respect for the form and style of early 20th century European painters, he has managed to combine the inspiration that he garnered from that era to create work that is uniquely his own.

During the 1990s his curiosity in esthetics grew as he regularly frequented the Centre Pompidou and the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris. Later on, working as a young adult for French luxury groups in Paris, he was constantly surrounded with the intricate image of these high-end brands and found himself drawn to the study of volume, shapes and colors.

“New York” mixed media on mirror, 51″ x 31″

At the turn of the new century, with a growing passion for art, he began to teach himself painting and left the corporate world to fully immerse himself in his new artistic research.

A director of Design and Tech for Gallery and Studio Arts Journal, he has been co-running Monkdogz Urban Art since 2007.

Sebastien Aurillon has also been studying astrology and symbols for over 30 years. These two parts of his life have coalesced to create unique projects allowing his creativity to flourish. The works emit a strong sense of energy, balanced with an innate elegance that is worth a closer look.

He is now living and working in Los Angeles, having spent the prior decade in New York. He is broadly travelled and compassionate of other cultures which gives him a unique perspective of life that spills into his work.

You can see his work on Aurillon.com