Anne Rudder

I was president of the West Side Arts Coalition for many years and I also write poetry and do some market research for an engineering firm.  I have resided in my beloved Manhattan for over 40 years and intend to remain there. 

My personal favorite way of visual expression is through watercolor and pen and ink drawing.  I like to combine poems and pictures in small pieces I call ‘poetagraphs.’ To me, making art is an extension of the life of the soul, whether it is through realistic or abstract work or in a variety of media, connecting the process with both artist and viewer’s inner lives.    

One of the questions I ask myself when I gaze at a piece is does this beautiful work strike an emotional chord and how can I convey the essence of it to the viewer?  The opportunity to write for Gallery and Studio is a great privilege for me and I hope I am able to capture the creative sparks of so many talented people when I put pen to paper in the Journal’s pages.