Visual Arts

Rose Sigal Ibsen: Boundless Beauty

The paintings of Rose Sigal Ibsen bear the impact of both East and Western cultures. Ibsen is a distinguished American (Romanian born) Sumi-e Brush artist. There’s a remarkable versatility to Ibsen’s work beginning with the painting, “Cherry Blossoms.” She takes us to a dream world where nature is celebrated. A canopy of blossoms drape the top of the of the painting while at the base, a pink path mantles the horizon line. We are suspended by the intensity of this magical place, and by her passionate, detailed brush strokes and the luminous light behind the blossoms.

In Spring Everything Comes Alive and Children Are Playing

In one of her most expressive and skilled watercolors on rice paper titled, “In Spring Everything Comes Alive And Children Are Playing,” Ibsen shares her high spirited side. She demonstrates a child like, yet sophisticated approach to paint, mark making and confidence of line.

The painting is covered in dense showers of yellow, coral, gray, and white. Floating on top of the surface are sumi-e writings, and whimsical drawings that insinuate the human figure, implying that the sumi-e characters evolved into human characters as they ascend to the top of the painting where it gets lighter, while the calligraphy at the bottom is a message that grounds the painting. There is unfettered joy in this particular work, signaling to us that we are all connected to one another, through our words, our actions, the marks we leave behind. She invites us to be a member of her community.

In the piece titled,“Papa, Mama, And Baby Horse,” she creates a sumi-e like family on gray, white and gold textured ground. The simplicity and nuance of the black line drawings against the ethereal background suggests a love of family, of connectedness and boundless beauty.

Papa, Mama and Baby Horse