“Woman Stretching”
by Robert Gaudreau


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oil on canvas – 20″ x 16″ x 3/4″ – 5lbs

Artist’s Statement
Robert Gaudreau is an American contemporary artist focused on an experimental approach applied to the expressionism in painting the figurative, abstract and surreal expressions. Offering a diverse high standard portfolio of originality in his work. In short, Robert Gaudreau’s inspirations come from all sources in life driven to it’s cause, therefore Gaudreau’s works are more personal and are directed in such for the vast will to be most appreciative in the museum setting. Portions of Gaudreau’s studies have derived from human behaviors, exploring the extraterrestrial possibilities that we are the extraterrestrial behaving as humans. In the abstract, memorizing setting images that transform the loose form application of definition(s), the brief sketch coinciding with realism detail, form, coloration, left open for the mind to wander within the viewers imagination, experiencing multiple view points of their own. Some of Robert Gaudreau’s work cannot be explained by the artist, other than some works evolve from their own metamorphosis then transition during the creative process.