“White Belly Bird”
by Harriet Serenkin


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Bead Embroidery – 5″ x 5″

If you see a woman walking along and occasionally swooping down to pick up a shiny metal object, a sparkling gem, an interesting shaped piece of plastic, or a textured card or paper, it could be me. I am constantly searching for treasures on the street, at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores, in friends discarded jewelry, in the trash room in my co-op, in hardware shops, and anywhere else I might go. When I get home, I soak the day’s finds in detergent, rinse and dry them, then squirrel them away waiting to be turned into art.

My closet is filled with boxes of plastic, wooden, and metal objects; with beads and buttons; with fabrics and ribbons; with wires and metal sheets; and with anything and everything else that appeals to me. My drawers and shelves are filled with textured papers, including tissue paper, cardboard, and handmade papers, in black & white, colors, and patterns. I have file drawers with thousands of images from magazines and junk mail.

I get my inspiration from lots of sources, including my own treasures, museums and galleries, magazines and books, items in shops, art classes, other artists, and dreams.

I constantly teach myself new techniques, experiment with ways to work with different materials, and share ideas with fellow artists. I use found objects and recycled materials to create collages, mixed media and three-dimensional artwork as well as assemblage. Many of my pieces come about serendipitously, trying one thing and ending up with something unexpected and wonderful.