“When Asparas Danced”
by Denise Adler


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mixed media 20″ x 16″

Artist’s Statement
My work is both personal and archetypical and seeks to memorialize a moment in time, the fragile nature of life and the emotional impact of the past on the present. I set out to create portraits and dreamscapes that express the mythic and legendary. Magazines, photographs and found materials factor in and become the story within the story. My portraits and dreamscapes pinpoint my unsettled view of the world with, I hope, a subtle sense of amusement and innate feminism. I studied with artist Juanita McNeely in the 1970s and I continue to be influenced by Feminist Art Movement as well as Expressionism and the Dada movement. The collages of Hannah Hoch are a big inspiration. My latest solo show was launched at Pleaides Gallery in February and was called “Illumination” in it, I wanted to create a sense of the magical and build on the concept of myths and symbols with the idea that this will help me and others make sense in an illogical world.