by Liam Alexander


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Archival Print on Hahnemühle paper of a photographic based collage – 8.5″ x 11″

Do we really see people for who they are? Or do we view people through our own judgments and assessments, not really even seeing them at all?
This abstract body of photographic based collage work focuses on various aspects of visibility; that we are surrounded by communities of people who we don’t see, people who feel “unseen” or marginalized, and it explores the question of what and how we see, both psychologically and literally.
This work is designed to call forth an experience of curiosity; interest beyond a first look. This I feel is really what’s most missing in our world. As the viewer lifts the veil of their original impression of the image, they discover a person, a human being amidst the abstraction, ultimately, an allegory for discovering the humanity in others.