“Untitled 1”
by Charles Schindler


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African wonderstone – 3.5 x 3.5 x 6 in.

Charles Schindler is a Sculptor living and working in New York City and has maintained his Greenwich Village Studio for forty plus years.

I work in a number of mediums, most preferably in wood, stone and identifiable objects I can incorporate in my pieces. I am always on the prowl for an object or objects, that will inspire me with an interesting and meaningful concept which to work from.  Those objects usually become the metaphor for what I hope to say and achieve in my work.

The figure and faces are  my main interest which inspires me with their infinite shapes, forms and lines.

I usually work in series. a series might consist of a minimum of 3 pieces and as many as 12.  Each piece of the series becomes a journey and a discovery. The journey ends when the challenges are no longer there.

Which ever material I use I try to find the essence of the medium, perhaps a curve or a natural color that accents the piece.

For the most part I am inspired by the challenge of my own concepts.