“That’s All Folks”
by Bob Hogge/R.d.H

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Title: That’s All Folks

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 8″ x 8″

Artist’s Statement

Bob Hogge (R. d. H.)

1953 – 2016

Robert d. Hogge was an Xfusionistic painter.

Xfusionism is a concept of art that incorporates any number of styles such as Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Neo-Expressionism, Outsider, Brut or Aboriginal art into one entity and then the artist “X-tracts” their major components leaving their distilled spirit to create a completely unique art form.

Xfusionism finds its identity in the vacuity of styles and movements, past and present, emerging as a fresh, distinctive, imaginative type of art.  Its innate value is to supersede parameters and boundaries.  It allows the artist to be expansive in exploring the creative freedom their work demands without being limited by a specific form or style.

Xfusionism is a method of painting developed by Hogge to help him better understand, define, and probe his own particular ideas on where his work should go and to provided it with a vehicle and the flexibility to accomplish that mission.

Hogge’s work may appear to be a collage but is in reality is entirely and purely created with acrylic paint on canvas.  He explained it as ‘restructured pigment’.  Acrylic paint flakes were painstakingly, individually and purposefully placed on the canvas in countless layers, over hundreds of hours, to create three dimensional work.  It is a sculpture of paint on canvas.  It required patience, reverence and dedication, combined with a deep seated primal need to create.

The fact is that Robert Hogge’s life, which fueled his work, had as many ups and downs, twists and turns as the best roller coaster.  When you see his work, it similarly leaves you breathless and excited, knowing that you have experienced fear, survival and the joy of also knowing that you are alive and better for having experienced it.

Hogge was born in Charleston, Virginia and lived in New Mexico and New York.

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