“Star Being – Blue Tribal”
by Richie Kessler

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Title:  “Star Being- Blue Tribal”
inkjet aluminum panel,   10” x 8″
Artist’s Statement
I’ve always been an Artist…. just not always so within the visual Arts.  Born in NYC….  I first pursued a career in music.  I sold my recording studio in 2000 to pursue a life of ‘creative drift,’ and since then I’ve drifted into creating Chromaluxe Aluminum Panel Art, Ultrachrome inject canvases… a new philosophy called “I-Oneness’…  and designing & building new modern dwellings.  My Art is largely about expressing my icons within broader contexts.  Some of my Art references the beautiful Caribbean Isle of Viequest, where I reside.

My tools include High-end inkjet printers using ultrachome & dye based inks on pre-primed canvas & aluminum panels…  as well as pencils, pens, paper, flatbed scanners, laser printers, computers & computer graphics programs.

High-end inkjet printers are my ‘paintbrush’.

My process begins with hand drawings, which are then scanned, printed out, and then further hand drawing ensues…with the final refinement of the images happening within vectorized computer graphics programs.

Throughout our story new technologies have changed how painter create their works.  It’s now possible to paint within the digital domain, and many renowned painters are doing so.  So am I.  And as such, I’m a ‘Post-Analog Painter’.

I endeavor to create ART that brings a positive-energy-radiance-resonance to wherever it may hand.

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