“She 2”
by Eva Lewarne


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Acrylic on canvas 24 x 18 inches

I was born in Poland and have lived half my life here, in Toronto. Both countries have influenced and shaped my art, for better or worse. But, mostly it has been introverted meditation and silence that gave birth to the images in my paintings, telling a story of my inner worlds. As Francis bacon said, “The purpose of art is to expose mystery.” The world however has captured my attention especially the un-compassionate politics and devastation of our environment. I think it is crucial that people recognize the difference between living beings and inanimate objects, such as live animals and nature and robotic technology. We have started to mistreat what is alive and worship the inanimate, creating life-like bots and treating them with reverence. So I often paint women with animals, like ravens or flies to show our affinity with them. An artist’s role I feel is one akin to a Shaman’s role to try to heal our earth and ourselves. This August 2020 I have been featured in Art Market International Magazine #70 with my painting. Also I am participating in Group International Art Show in Malibu CA 2020 of Paintings Inspired by Blues Music at Song-Word Art House.