by Anna-Marie Lopez


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Acrylic on canvas,  16″ x 20″

Artist’s Statement
I am an Outsider Artist: I spent my youth in psychiatric hospitals due to depression, Suicide attempts & homosexuality. But I graduated from high school as a scholarship & honors student. I quit University art classes because models were made to wear clothing. Moving to NYC I went to work for Kodak as a graphic artist. Returning to my home in Texas as my father died of Alzheimer’s & my brother from a heart attack. I was found to have a rather large brain tumor. It was successfully removed but I was left catastrophically disabled. So due to hand tremors, endless exhausting seizures & vision impairment my work is now mixed medium. Ink, Conte crayons, acrylic paints, pastels. Many times using my hands, fingers & not always a brush. One must accommodate  unforeseen change.

Influences Alice Neel, Chaïm Soutine, August Wilson (playwright). I had bagels with him when he came into NY. And not least Konstantin Bokov the Russian artist.  We had coffees & conversation while I worked at Pearl Paint.