by Sebastien Aurillon


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Paris – 12 x 8″ – print on metal plate

Have you ever wondered how symbols influence you? Astrology, for instance, is full of symbols. It has been around for many millennia, soaking into our subconscious. I created this series of astrological charts of cities based on the year of their official designation, combined with local images and symbols. They are all on mirrors so that the viewers can see themselves, immersed in the imagery, thus enabling them to connect to these destinations.

Sebastien Aurillon is a colorist who uses the constraints of outlines to tame the dynamism of the colors that he wields. A Parisian who was nurtured by his love and respect for the form and style of early 20th century European painters, he has managed to combine the inspiration that he garnered from that era to create work that is uniquely his own.
During the 1990s his curiosity in esthetics grew as he regularly frequented the Centre Pompidou and the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris. Later on, working as a young adult for French luxury groups in Paris, he was constantly surrounded with the intricate image of these high-end brands and found himself drawn to the study of volume, shapes and colors.

At the turn of the new century, with a growing passion for art, he began to teach himself painting and left the corporate world to fully immerse himself in his new artistic research. This new journey eventually brought him to New York City in 2006 where he lived for over 10 years, before relocating to Los Angeles. More information on aurillon.com