“Lo Mein” Necklace
by Carolyn Mitchell


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Approximately 18″ in length – adjustable

From Trash to Art 

Wearable art makes everyone you meet a captive audience, at least for the time you are with them.

I have received many compliments on my hand-crafted necklaces and bangles.  Often, friends ask to have them – and how easily I give them up when properly flattered.  Tell me it’s beautiful and it’s yours!

Giving them away provides for both the joy of giving and the joy of making.

Jewelry creation is therapeutic.  I love the touch and feel of different materials.  I frequently work with   rocks, gemstones, and beads, and combine them with repurposed household items like paper, threads, plastic, cords, foils, and wires.

Each material has unique properties and seems to have a “life” of its own.  

Shown here is a piece I call “Lo Mein” because it is a blend of different noodle-like strands.  Made of black twine, orange plastic cord, and gold-colored wire, it has natural spring-and-cling qualities.  It can be formed in different ways to fit any neck or neckline.  It can be worn long or short, open or closed, and with varying degrees of twist. 

To make a piece like this, I start by bending the wire one way, and then watch it twist in a different, often unexpected direction.  I follow the flow, and patiently guide the form until it finds its new rightful place.

Focusing on the natural flow of the twists and actions is highly meditative to me.  It has the added bonus of creating unique, highly organic jewelry.