“Layla’s Dream #2”
by Mark Kurdziel


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Oil on Linen, 24 x 20 in.

My work is a combination and continuation of my plastic pictorial ideas along with deeply personal poetic concerns. The emotional tenor of my painting is attempting to create human emotions that do not stay on the surface but resonate feelings and situations that we all have. I believe painting can exist between the cracks of written and spoken words and can go to places that are not describable but tangibly understood as a state of being. I am interested in creating a world and form for my characters and imagery to live in and take the viewer to a place of visual pleasure and intellectual and spiritual awareness. My most important concern is combining form, color and space through metaphor to express the poetry and amazement of my and our lives. I am interested in creating deep pictorial space and bringing it to the surface with color. The illusion and space are countered with the hue at the farthest point and a respect for the inherent flatness of the picture plane. The space goes back while the color comes forward. I am trying to move fluidly between cubism and a deeper older ideas about space and its relationship to subject.