“Laurel’s Wisteria”
by Leah Tomaino


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giclée print double matted & framed print  27″ x 32″ x 1″

Artist’s Statement
My work is grounding to my soul. I am taken aback by the beauty and intangible qualities of natural flora: the various textures; the amazing flowers and fruits and foliage; and most of all, the spectacular rejuvenation after what appears to be a most definite death in the bleakness of a cold, dark winter. In our largely urban society, the ability to appreciate our natural surroundings has become dulled-the ability to see the wonder in a tree, the magic and the mystery in a flower, the indescribable peace and contentment that can fill one’s heart. I try to show this to the viewer as my work is a surreal reminder of the peaceful, centered energy of the miraculous, natural living world which surrounds us. My latest collages are made from torn, recycled brown shopping bags. I am interested in the concept that the bags started out as trees and then were made into paper which was painted, torn and collaged into an image of the natural world, which in itself provided the required inspiration and energy. A quiet harmonic stillness is comprehended.