“Hug Me”
by Jean Antoine Hierro


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marker pen on cardboard 12″ x 12″

The role of the visual artist is to record the times by articulating the thoughts and emotions of the world they inhabit.  Jean Antoine Hierro is able to do that and more, with uncanny foresight and intuition.  His latest series entitled “Fragility” saw the scene set for the the unfolding of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone.  Hugs have been missed and are appreciated more than ever.

Hierro’s portraits stare out at the viewer with a scrutiny that seems as if the viewer’s layers are being peeled back and their innermost truths exposed.   Truth is not what people necessarily want to hear or face.  People tell lies when the truth is uncomfortable or inconvenient.  Hierro knows that he has been destined to portray truth to the best of his ability, by exploring his own soul and affected by all that is occurring in the world around him.  One cannot create good work by hiding from reality. For Hierro, the study of the human condition is important, as important as scientific research or the study of religion and philosophy and he searches for truth because he knows that “there is no hope without truth.”