“Chambers Street 2”
by Marilyn Henrion


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mixed media, hand quilted, gallery-wrapped on stretched canvas, 30″x20″x1″ – 3 lbs.,

Artist’s Statement
As a life-long New Yorker, my aesthetic vision has always been deeply rooted in the urban geometry of my surroundings, from the earlier geometric abstractions to the more recent mixed media works. I am particularly interested in the co-existence of past and present, especially in architecture and other man-made structures. The presence of the human hand upon the landscape expresses our eternal yearning for immortality, evidence that says “I was once here”. Much as Edward Hopper did in the 20th century, I synthesize and transform the “facts” of the material world to reflect my experience of a particular place.

The mixed media works are composed of my digitally manipulated photographs which are pigment printed on fabric and meticulously hand-quilted to animate the surface and to reinforce the presence of the human hand as well as to symbolize our fleeting presence on the landscape.