“Jesse Mole”
by Cheryl Finfrock


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Acrylic on Claybord,10″ x 10″ x 2″, 1 pound

Artist’s Statement
Being fascinated with surfaces that I can mark up, I work with lines that are scarred, scratched, and drawn on and into smooth surfaces. My current work is a study of people and places I’ve met, spotted, conjured, and dreamed. I extrapolate images from media, old anonymous flea market photos, and some of my photography, all to be compiled and rebuilt. My surfaces are often unforgiving, and strangely, that characteristic draws me to it. These marks are permanent, like choices from our past. This process feels like a metaphor for human interaction. If a bad mark is unforgivable, the story ends there. But with forgiveness, the mistaken mark can be built upon or swayed, turned into a new idea. The work has space to become when the story is open-ended, the mark-making furthering the creation through its faults.