“Gag Nova”
by Hannah Mallaby


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Spray paint and ink on plastic board, approx. 5 feet by 3 feet

Hello, My name is Hannah Mallaby, Im a painter/ illustrator. I work with diverse media including; spray paint, solvent inks, acrylic, Fineliner, found ‘canvases’ and interesting surfaces to paint on. http://Www.instagram.com/Northern.cave ; My work is a construction of contemporary and the abstract. Performing expression through the erotic and garish. But sometimes a serene place to see the unsettling. A sense of calm among the chaos. The elements of brushes, waves of paint and ink being whipped up into a frenzy of dark creatures climbing into the void and you follow them. An urbanised outlook on what a world could be like in another dimension where your deepest secrets are already there in front of you. A demonic fetishised world where sexual organs arent subjected to being sexualised and are just a natural part of this world I’ve created. Illustrative details and streaks of solid colour. A juxtaposition when collaborated or something we just can’t understand? Bringing different media together and making it perform as a collective orchestra. Im presenting to you a series of paintings and a collection of prints, illustrations and watercolours that emphasise the kink culture in a wide range of extremely challenging areas of service.