by Guillaume Saur


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Inkjet print, 8 x 12 in

My practice is rooted in the photographic medium as a means to explore a world increasingly composed of artifices. My images consist of fabricated patterns made out of various digital and physical assemblages. Throughout my BFA in Photography at Concordia University, these efforts have culminated in three-dimensional multi-media installations that explore the materiality of the body across new media and its resulting politicization by communication technologies ​

Embedded in the culture of display, my current research at Emily Carr’s MFA program seeks to understand why the internet generation persists in merchandising its corporeal self on social media platforms, while knowingly constructing digital personae that glorify archetypes of contemporary beauty. ​

I am conducting this material research around fabric, sculpture and photography in order to deconstruct and reinvent the contemporary phenomenon of the merchandising of the self in relation to users’ digital costumes, in a laboratory for collecting data and image-making.