“Blue Landscape 3”
by Margot Tohkou (東虹) Olejniczak


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Japanese ink on premium Japanese gasenshi paper H: 27 cm, W: 24 cm, no frame

Artist’s Statement
My name is Margot Toh-kou (東 虹) Olejniczak. I am Swiss- Polish artist and teacher of Japanese ink painting in Switzerland, Poland and Germany. I got my Japanese name Toh-kou (東 虹 – Eastern Rainbow) from my master Tohun Kobayashi, in 2021.

In my paintings I apply very traditional techniques that have been passed down from master to master for hundreds of years and have never been fully described in books. Maintaining this technical treasure remains very important to me.

By combining these skills at the highest level style with a modern approach and using different tools available, I achieve a unique style. My artistic research is also concerned with the creation of a new concept of sumi-e painting by introducing the contemporary means of expression. Above all, the pure spirit and mindfulness shape my artistic landscape and the vision of the world.