“And Why Not #2”
by Jim Charette


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acrylic  20″ x 16.5″   7oz

Artist’s Statement
I painted these for ‘an orderly chaos’ a solo show I had at Douglass Gallery in New Bedford, MA.  The same city that I began my artistic journey-in back in the late 80’s.The same city that I moved to 10 yrs ago to be with my future wife.  I was about to turn 50 and my whole life was about to change.  After attending Swain School in NB, I’d spent 40 years listening to my muses, but also my furies, experiencing as much as I could, even the darker parts of myself.  I did all of it in service to my art because one day I hoped that I would be just like the old timer’s who’s stories I’d listened to as a boy.  They wouldn’t have had stories to tell if they hadn’t experienced life.  Art was all that I cared about.  Then I met my wife and I inherited a step tribe of 5 amazing kids in the process.  Suddenly I had a lot more to care about and that invigorated me, set my ass on fire like never before.  They brought a joy into my life that I’d never experienced and that was part of the inspiration for “and why not”.