“A Pessimist and an Optimist…”
by Chantal Westby


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“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”– Winston Churchill.

From the collection The conquest of light – Fiat # lux – Medium Ink / minerals & gold on Canson paper.  Size: 12” x 47”

Educated and formally trained in design, Chantal Westby creates an intuitive and energetic world of the imagination on her canvases. By the power and poetry of ink, a medium which seems to offer the full range of emotions sense and wish to convey in is work; promoting a freedom of expression which contains at once silence and cacophony, order and chaos, emptiness and fullness her technique is intended to let the medium make the initial artistic statement: The artist apply the ink to the blank canvas in a haphazard fashion, let it dry and see what creative instincts are stimulated by the result. Then come the time to embellish and enhance the image. Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions, and reviewed in publications such as The Huffington Post + Video, 6 documentaryAmerica-America from TV3, Le Monde, l’ Express, l’Official Art and many others publications. After a successful career in Paris, and after several years of study at the PennsylvaniaAcademy of Fine Art, Chantal has committed her life to aesthetics.She lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.