“A Melody for Pandora”
by Sílvia Soares Boyer


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Acrylic and silver pen on canvas, 15 11/16″ x 18 5/8″

Artist’s Statement
Imagine a world without color, sound, and light. Imagine that painters do not know how to respect and continue the work of creation, this universe that is well-made painting – perfect – in words of objective reading. In this great world of Pandora lives the source of inspiration, filling the mind, purifying the soul, and ennobling the heart. Sílvia Soares Boyer is the artist who cultivates and transmits the beautiful. To meet Sílvia and her work is to take the side of life where beauty, happiness, and art come together. The perfect symbiosis to fly in space for reality and dream. Sílvia Soares Boyer is a pilgrimage of several arts, an artist by excellence with rules and personal style. Artist of the highest integrity and knowledge, multifaceted talent worthy of being admired. Her work will go into posterity as an example of talent, sincerity and love of true art.