“2 Blues from The View from 9C”
by Miss Ellen Ruth Levy


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2  – 8 1/2 ‘ x 11” archival prints unframed. Printed by the artist.

Miss Ellen Ruth Levy: Paintings & Photographs Miss Ellen Ruth Levy is a multifaceted visual artist whose paintings and photographs express a lifelong fascination with and joy of dance Whether capturing the vitality and constant motion of city life in a photograph, or portraying dance-like gestures in abstract expressionist-inspired oil paintings, Levy’s work carries within it a graceful momentum, as if her visual vocabulary were a pas de deux, with the viewer participating. There is an unbridled joy expressed in the images that transports the viewer to that space where one is dancing as if no one else is watching. To dance, to move fluidly through space while expressing joy in the movement itself, to capture in static paint or a photographic print the vibration of a life force that is turning and leaping—this is the artwork of Miss Ellen Ruth Levy.