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‘Wild Love’ at Fremin Gallery Opening April 15, 6-9pm

Black and White profile photograph of a wrinkly elephant with long tusks
47″ X 66″

Fremin Gallery is delighted to present “WILD LOVE”, the first US exhibition for Belgium photographer Griet Van Malderen.
Join them on Thursday, April 15, 6-8pm for the artist reception.

Inspired by her love for nature, Griet Van Malderen (Belgium, 1970), a self-taught wildlife photographer from Flanders in Belgium, has been exploring Africa’s wild places for the past decade in search for remarkable photographs. She went from using a considerably basic compact camera to equipping herself with the highest quality professional cameras. In A field principally dominated by men, it is rare to find a female photographer equipped with her cameras and lenses in the African bush! Griet Van Malderen is the exception to the rule. Her talent was born the day she first set foot in South Africa and since then, she consistently strives to surpass herself whilst at the same time respecting her subjects.
Her captivating portraits and landscapes reflect the love she feels for the continent’s magnificent wild creatures. This deep respect for all life is deeply embedded in her images. Alongside her work as a fine art photographer, she has been a strong advocate for wildlife conservation and the environment. A portion of the profits from the sale of each photograph is donated to conservation organizations such as The Mara Elephant Project and the Uganda Wildlife Authority.
B&W Photograph of Photographer sitting up in a tree with her back against the trunk and her leg braced on a branch.  She is smiling and holding her cameras
Griet Van Malderen
[email protected]
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