Celestial Cities – now through January 10, 2021

Nancy Manocherian’s the cell theatre and MZ Urban Art present

A Solo Art Exhibition of Astrology Charts

by Sébastien Aurillon

Astrology charts for individuals are well known, but did you know that ci8es can also have their own astral maps?

Sébastien Aurillon’s latest project incorporates many modern techniques into the ancient study of astrology. By utilizing photography, digital illustra8on and the timeless elements of painting and drawing, Aurillon creates visual studies of a city’s astral map.

Beginning with the date of the city’s establishment, he adds key features defined by landmarks, culture, history, landscape, and his own personal experiences at these destinations. The finished artistic rendition is printed on a mirror and placed in a frame that he designs to match. The result is a mesmerizing portal through which the viewer can experience multiple dimensions as well as the city itself.

Sebastien Aurillon has been studying astrology and symbols for over 30 years. These two parts of his life have coalesced to create this unique project allowing his creativity to flourish. The works emit a strong sense of energy, balanced with an innate elegance that is worth a closer look.

Aurillon is a French artist living and working in Los Angeles having spent the prior decade in New York. He is broadly travelled and compassionate of other cultures which gives him a unique perspective of life that spills into his work.


Exhibition is now extended through January 10, 2021.

Gallery hours in December are Thursdays and Fridays 6 to 10pm & Saturdays 2 to 10pm.

  • Extended January dates:
    • Wednesday January 6th 6pm-10pm
    • Thursday January 7th 6pm-10pm
    • Friday January 8th 6pm-10pm
    • Saturday January 9th 2pm-10pm
    • Sunday January 10th 2pm-10pm

For more informations visit or [email protected]

Nancy Manocherian’s the cell theatre – 338 W 23rd St, New York NY 10011

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