May 5th 2020 – ongoing

“Apocalypse Now?”

May 5th 2020 onwards

Art created in moments that our lives were changed forever

A virtual exhibit online

40% of art sales from this exhibit will be contributed to the Food Bank for New York City

The Corona Virus pandemic has upended our lives. We were already facing global climate change and increases in the number of nuclear weapons.  Now this virus, and others that may follow. Most of us who are fortunate enough to be artists don’t usually need to confront such realities. We survived 9/11 and Sandy. We have entered another one of those moments, but this time human life is threatened throughout the planet.

It seems impossible to make art that will live up to the challenge & much won’t, but making art is a critical part of our survival. Making art is comfort both for the creator as is the sharing a form of comfort for the receiver, even if it doesn’t express or remove the terror. The comfort exists both in the making and in the seeing and sharing.

We have no idea how life will be in the future but we know that it will be different. This moment in time has made us aware of the fragility of existence in a way that most of us been fortunate to not have experienced previously. But now we know that feeling & we seek to perhaps escape but we can’t, to perhaps understand but we cant do that either or perhaps, just to persevere- which we must. For many it has been impossible to create, for others, making art or attempting to, has been part of our survival.

The art we are sharing in some cases is so personal & so raw and in others cases easy to look at, but we hope it will help you to sustain your trust in the future, however different it will be.  

                                                                                                                 Vernita Nemec                                                                                                                         April/ 2020

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